2018 Asahi Blades: DAY 10

Apr 24, 2020

The team awoke at 7:30 for breakfast prepared once again at the athletes inn. The team, some still tired due to our amazing fare well dinner, awoke to Taki messing up our schedule once again. It was the final morning of our stay at the inn the team packed for our flight to Tokyo that we had to catch a few hours later.

Before we got on the bus we took pictures with the members of the inn and strangle Cody and Carter gifted them a goldfish (named Phillip). Slowly we entered the bus talking final glances of the people and building that to grew so fond of over the pass 4 days. The bus left the inn around 9:00am. We arrived at the Kushiro airport and was greeted by our home stay family’s there to say there final goodbyes. Even in the plane there were people on the roof of the airport holding a Canadian flag saying there farewells.

After 1hour and 15minutes of flying (and Taki taking photos of the players sleeping) we landed in Tokyo. The moment we stepped out of the plane all the players were already complaining about the heat, everyone and Taki (who was already sweating) hopped on a bus for another hour to our hotel. Once we arrived at the hotel check in wasn’t for 2 hours, so the team went off and explored the surrounding area eating and having a great time dying outside in the heat. Everyone slowly made there way back to the hotel and just had time too relax before the game against Saitama Sakae at 9:00.

Everyone weary of travel hopped in the bus for the last game of the trip. On the way to the hockey rink we had a few random detours such as a truck blocking the road do to a flat tire. We made it to the rink 15 minutes late; but the rink was nothing what the team imagined, there were no dressing rooms, no showers and no proper refs.

In the end the team was absolutely decimated 8-1 but on the bright side Jordy had a shut out. The team feeling defeated went back to the hotel but mid way the team listen to some music and we’re in better mood. We returned to the hotel around 11:30. Most of the team went for Ramen at 1:00 am and that concluded our first night in Tokyo.

Written By Jordan Takama