2018 Asahi Blades: DAY 9

Apr 24, 2020

After a good night’s sleep at their homestays house, the boys packed up their belongings and left to the arena for a 1:00PM game against Bushukan. Having already suffered two losses, everyone was finally ready for a W.

It was a hard fought game with unreal commentating coming from the man himself, Jim “Bilbo” Young and his right hand man Jim Engleson. The boys pulled away with a 3-1 win, marking the first time in JCIH history that the Asahi Blades beat Bushukan High School. Everyone in the stands, from host families to high school students came onto the ice for their final pictures with all the players, congratulating them on their big win.

After the match, the boys rushed out of the dressing room, aired their gear outside of the arena and headed back in for some nagagutsu hockey. Everyone quickly learned that running on ice with boots is extremely difficult, as not a single player managed to keep themselves from falling. However challenging, we all had a very fun time laughing at each other and trying something new.

Once back at the Athlete’s Inn, we were greeted with a delicious dinner consisting of tonkatsu and rice. After a quick trip to Lawson’s for some healthy, wholesome purchases, the boys went to bed nice and early, not a drop of dirty apple juice in their systems.

Written By Justin MacInnes