2018 Asahi Blades: DAY4

Apr 23, 2020

The Asahi Blades woke up at 7 am to start their day off. The first task on the agenda is to go on a gondola.

The gondola took them to a beautiful sight seeing area on top of the of the mountain. After the gondola the Asahi Blades went for breakfast at the all you can eat breakfast, located in tower 1 inside their hotel. After breakfast the players checked out of the hotel and then had a couple hours of free time.

The second event on the agenda is to go swimming at the massive wave pool that was only a couple minutes away from the hotel. There were many successful attempts at the tight rope except for Cody’s accident. Cody slipped on the tight rope and scratched his upper body leaving a big red scratch and only half a nipple.

The Asahi Blades then traveled on an hour bus ride towards their next hockey game. The score was 5-2 for the home team of japan.

Written By Brad Araki-Young