2018 Asahi Blades: DAY3

Apr 23, 2020

Today we woke up at 8:30 checked out of the hotel and packed up the bus. We then drove to the Okurayama ski jump where we took the chair lift to the top and saw the amazing view of the whole city of Sapporo.

We also visited the Olympic museum located at the bottom of the ski jump. The museum had tons of items from past Olympics as well many interactive Olympic events. Including cross country skiing, bobsled, hockey, and ski jump. After we finished up in the museum we hopped on the bus and headed to Tomakomai.

Once we arrived at the rink in Tomakomai we got ready for our game against Komazawa the best team in Japan. The game was a thriller and the Asahi Blades pulled of the 2-1 win over Komazawa thanks to Michael Araki scoring with just minutes remaining in the game.

The game ended and we got on the bus and headed to our new home for the next few days, Tomamu hotel. There we had this big all you can eat buffet with mouthwatering food. The vets then introduced the “shoe check" tradition to us rookies and Rocco was the first victim.

After the dinner we went to the relaxing hot springs where coach Nak shared stories with us players. That would be the last thing of day three of Japan 2018 trip.

Written By Sam Dixon